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Two Minute Videos to Educate and Inform

PTA Parent Guide to the Arts Standards- October 2020

CDE Arts Education Guidance Document Update 9-29-20

October 2020: Arts Education in the New Normal: Essential Resources featuring speakers from Create CA, CCSESA and CA Dept of Ed

September 2020: What Sweeter Music: The Arts & Social Emotional Learning in Harmony featuring Aaron Bryan, Fresno County Superintendent of Schools

April 2020:The Arts and Social-Emotional Learning: Leveraging the Arts as Essential in Recovery featuring Ping Ho, UCLA Arts and Healing

Quick Guide for Using the Data in School Board Presentations

Public Will Campaign Resources

Creating Sustainable Success for English Learners: Why It Should Matter to You and How The Arts Can Help 

Part 1:                                                                                                                          

Part 2:

Defining the Ed Code: How do we define high quality and how much should each grade level get? Check out our “North Star” guiding document: Quality Indicators & Measureable Outcomes

Public Will Campaign Toolkit: Receive the toolkit when you sign up at

PTA Visual and Performing Arts Guide for Parents

Declaration of the Rights of All Students to Equity in Arts Learning – revised with examples

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     Advocacy (Includes Research and Data)


    Reaching for the Stars: Arts as a Pathway to Excellence and Equity