Statewide Events Calendar

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Nov 2017

Nov 2-4                Leadership Summit, Association of California School Administrators, San Jose

Nov 10-12           Connect, Create, Collaborate, California Art Education Association, San Francisco

Nov 15                  Arts Integration at the Core, CCSESA at Yolo County Office of Ed, Woodland, CA.

Nov 15-18           Conference for Community Arts Education, National Guild for Community Arts Education, San Francisco, CA.

Nov 30                California Arts Council Meeting, Sacramento

Nov 30-Dec 2     CSBA Annual Educators Conference, San Diego, CA.

Dec 2017

Dec 10-11           California STEAM Symposium, San Francisco, CA.

Jan 2018

Jan 5-6                Building STEAM Conference, Humboldt County Office of Education

Jan 25-28           The National Association of Music Merchants Show, Anaheim, CA.

Jan 27-28           California Dance Education Association, CDEA State Conference, Santa Clara, CA.

Feb 2018

Feb 15-18              California All State Music Educators Conference, San Jose, CA.

Mar 2018

March 14-16         California Association of African American School Administrators, Sacramento, CA.

March 28-31         California Association for Bilingual Educators, Sacramento, CA.

April 2018

April 27-29            California State PTA Convention, Ontario, CA.

May 2018

May 17                  CCSESA Statewide Learning Colloquium, Sacramento, CA.

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