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Free Practitioner Exchange Series: Teaching Dance from a Distance

June 16 @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Dancers in Leadership: Dancers have the power to imagine possibilities and create change, and to step up as leaders to advocate for our art and our values. What does leadership in dance mean or look like in this climate? What is the role and possibility of dance now? How can I use my creative practice in how I consider leadership and advocacy? How do I listen deeply and examine my own biases when in a position of power? How do I balance this with my own vision? As leaders of color, what is our role in addressing equity and racism? How do black leaders prioritize self-care while dealing with systematic oppression in a white-dominated field? Join Rosalina Macisco, dance teaching artist and founder of Santa Barbara Dance Institute, and Cherie Hill, Luna’s Director of Community and Culture as they ask these questions and more in a collaborative conversation. Bring your own questions too!




Luna Dance Institute
(510) 883-1118

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