CREATE CA Action Update

CREATE CA has identified priorities and opportunities for collective impact in arts education that it will seek to implement over the next twelve months.

At the most recent statewide convening, held in Fresno in May 2013, participants began the process of aligning CREATE CA’s work by identifying and prioritizing actions for the key areas and forming new working groups to continue the momentum.

The work is continuing to move forward and additional initiatives are being realized.  Some examples of actions the subgroups are currently focused on are:

  • Work to restore the Theatre and Dance Single Subject Credential for Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) highly qualified teachers
  • Bring together leaders in the field of arts and education to better support professional partnerships between teaching artists, K-12 credentialed teachers and school administrators
  • Clarify uses of categorical funding (Title I, Title II, Title III, etc.) to school administrators for the use of research-based arts strategies for increasing student engagement and achievement
  • Expand the Distinguished Schools program to include Exemplary Arts and Arts, Media and Entertainment programs
  • Leverage philanthropic funding and build business partner connections
  • Provide professional learning opportunities for educators connecting the Common Core State Standards to the Arts
  • Prepare to align California’s Visual and Performing Arts Standards to the National Arts Standards
  • Strengthen connections between the Arts and Career Technical Education
  • Raise awareness of the value of creativity and the arts in achieving multicultural understanding and academic results for diverse learners
  • Identify Model Career Technical Education programs in the Arts, Media and Entertainment industry sector
  • Analyze and share data on student participation in visual and performing arts courses in relation to economic and cultural diversity

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