A Blueprint for Creative Schools


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The createCA coalition spent more than two years developing a comprehensive plan for transforming California’s schools and encouraging implementation of the Education Code that makes arts a key component of curriculum and guarantees all students a creative education. The result of that diligent work, A Blueprint for Creative Schools, was ultimately written by over 100 highly motivated and invested contributors and subsequently presented to Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson.

The task force grappled with critical issues and made a series of policy recommendations to embed the arts into the fabric of the educational system. This streamlined document, highlighting the task force’s important work, is divided into sections that address key themes and critical issues.

Now we’re working hard to turn that plan into action! The Strategic Priority for 2015-2015 is to mobilize strategic and intentional partnerships to achieve a creative education for all students by leveraging the intersection of the arts, equity and access and the 21stcentury economy.