Strategic Roadmap

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With support from an Outcomes Fund Grant from The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Create CA underwent a strategic planning process facilitated by Capitol Impact, LLC and Third Plateau Social Impact Strategies.

Over the six-month engagement, Capitol Impact and Third Plateau worked closely with the Create CA advisory team comprised of representatives from the California Department of Education (“CDE”), California County Superintendents Educational Services Association (“CCSESA”), California Arts Council (“CAC”), California Alliance for Arts Education (“CAAE”), and California Parents and Teachers Association (“PTA”).

This Strategic Roadmap, grounded in the work of the Joint Arts Education Task Force, is intended to serve as a roadmap for Create CA and its members to catalyze arts education advocacy in California. Ten Recommendations were delivered in the form of a Strategic Roadmap addressing five specific strategies. Read the entire Strategic Roadmap.

Ten Recommendations from Strategic Roadmap

1. Redefine and Restructure

  • Recommendation #1: Define Create CA as an independent coalition charged with ongoing convening of the California arts education community, coordinating action among the members of the coalition, and broadly marketing arts education advocacy to the greater public.
  • Recommendation #2: Restructure Create CA to best serve this new direction.

2. Serve as a Convener

  • Recommendation #3: Maintain and expand a strategic coalition and implement a high quality internal communications strategy.
  • Recommendation #4: Organize arts education convenings.

3. Serve as a Coordinator

  • Recommendation #5: Establish a short-term agenda focused on embedding arts education into preexisting initiatives.
  • Recommendation #6: Develop a long-term advocacy agenda focused on the broader vision articulated in the Blueprint.

 4. Build Public Will

  • Recommendation #7: Develop and implement an external communications strategy.

5. Operate Strategically

  • Recommendation #8: Develop metrics to gauge success.
  • Recommendation #9: Commit to sustainability.
  • Recommendation #10: Establish a two-year gut check.

View the complete Strategic Roadmap (PDF).