Arts Education in the News

October 2017

Humboldt County Office of Education Adopts Resolution for Students Rights to Equity in Arts Education

May 2017

A declaration for a student’s right to arts education, KPCC

April 2017

Assemblyman Kansen Chu bill to provide elementary arts education data passes Assembly Education Committee, Press Release

Music Training Speeds Up Brain Development in Children, Assal Habibi, The Conversation

March, 2017

California Arts Education Data Project Provides Road Map for Districts, California School Board Association Blog

February, 2017

Title One and Arts Education

January, 2017

Making a Commitment to the Arts in Tulare County, Press Release

December, 2016

New Legislation to Support Media Arts Education, Press Release

Create CA Awarded $100,000 Collective Impact Grants from NEA, Press Release

October, 2016

Arts Education Data Project

Statewide arts ed database highlights gaps in hopes of spurring change, KPCC

New Arts Education Data aims to be a “helping hand”, KPCC Audio

Where are the arts in California Schools?, Ed Week

ESSA offers opportunity to enhance arts education, Cabinet Report

Humboldt County just below state arts education average, Times Standard News

July, 2016

Action Alert: News Alert_The Arts omitted from ESSA language at DOE

Create CA Statewide Arts Coalition Elects New Officers and Welcomes a New Leadership Council Member  – CreateCA Leadership_July_2016_press

May, 2016

Arts Education Shines at State PTA Convention, Maureen Magee, San Diego Union Tribune

Arts Education Take the Stage in California Schools, California Schools Magazine, Spring, 2016

April, 2016

On the Path to Title I, Joe Landon & Laura Smythe, Americans for the Arts

March, 2015

Creative Schools Report Takes Arts Education Seriously, By John M. Eger, San Diego Daily Transcript

January 2015

Gentrification: Artists in Emeryville Saw it Coming by John M. Eger, Huffington Post

September 2014

International Folk Artists Join the Global Internet Economy by John M. Eger, Huffington Post

July 2014

Common Core Embraces Broad Definition of the Arts by John M. Eger, Huffington Post

May 2014

Turnaround Arts and Why it Works by Malissa Feruzzi Shriver, ArtsBlog

Low-Performing Inglewood, Compton Schools Try Arts-Based Revamp by Mary Plummer, KPCC Radio

President’s Turnaround Arts Program Expanded by John M. Eger, Huffington Post

March 2014

Letter: Fighting for the Arts by Tom Torlakson. Santa Monica Daily Press

“Picking Up STEAM in San Diego” by John M. Eger. Huffington Post

“Lobbying for the Arts” by John M. Eger. Huffington Post

“Who Knew? Arts Education Fuels the Economy.” by Sunil Iyengar and Ayanna Hudson. The Chronicle of Higher Education

“Viewpoints: Why Teaching Art to Our Children Matters” by Joe Landon.  The Sacramento Bee.